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: 관리자 : 2019-10-21

C09-Charge Management Algorithm To Simultaneously Optimize The Charging Cost and The Lifetime of Battery in Electric Vehicles

This project is a power management algorithm designed to simultaneously optimize the

charging cost and battery lifetime for Electric Vehicles (EV). California, as one of the

pioneering states of the United States in renewable energy adoption, has taken

significant measures to encourage the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, including

expanding the network of charging stations and subsidizing the purchase price of

electric vehicles. Pennies saved on charging costs and days of battery life extended are

and will become more significant due to the fast growth of EV technology.

Charge management plays a significant role in this process as it has a direct impact on

the efficiency and durability of lithium-ion batteries as well as the cost of charge.

Therefore, the main purpose of this project is to control the duty ratio for the charger

converters to eventually optimize the cost of charge, the battery life and facilitate

customized charging sessions. The control strategy that we employed is Dynamic


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