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: 관리자 : 2019-10-21


In industrial units, damage to an electrical transformer can cause a total production loss of a few hours to several months depending on the transformer impacted.
Regular monitoring of transformers oil’s conditions is therefore of major interest as part of a preventive or predictive maintenance program. Indeed, transformer oil plays a vital role in the suitable operation modes of electrical transformers. The Sens-things ©-Oil, is a special innovative IIoT technology for electric and thermal equipment’s health diagnosis based on oils and lubricants deep-analysis. Unlike the old solutions and thanks to our technology, it is now possible to carry out a permanent analysis based on several automatic samplings during the day.
Sens-Things © -Oil is a patented technology, based on hybrid multi-physical and low energy sensors, an IIoT communication node and a mechatronic box improved to harsh environments. Especially our Hybrid-sensors can sense within high accuracy, several parameters, such as neutralization index and Oil moisture. Thanks to our Sens-Things EDGE computing platform, which brings cutting-edge AI and BI algorithms, we offer a complete solution for both monitoring and diagnostics based on hybrid sensor data deep analysis. Our predictive solution offers early fault analysis, such as dielectric fluid aging and insulating material degradation.

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