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: 관리자 : 2016-08-29


- 2nd BIXPO to be hosted in November 2016
- Positioned as the global exposition of electric power technology with over 500 different booths
  from 50 different countries


□ Director of Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO), Hwan-ik Cho, to host BIXPO 2016 from
     2nd– 4th November2016, at Kimdaejung Convention Center.

  ○ BIXPO 2016 is followed by the first annual exposition ‘BIXPO 2015’, initially planned to lead the
      future trends of electric power technology and improve KEPCO’s role in establishing the Bitgaram
      Energy Valley Hub at Jeollanam-do, Gwangju.

  ○ BIXPO 2016 will be attended by global companies of the electric power and energy sectors
      from 50 different countries, IndustryUniversityInstituteCollaboration, and more than 4,000 experts
       of the industry.

□ To introduce and share new energy industries and its technologies, New Technology Exhibition,
     International Invention Fair, International Conference, and CTO forum will be hosted during 
     BIXPO 2016.

   ○ The New Technology Exhibition will be divided into four major sectors – New Energy Industry
        Exhibition, New Climate Exhibition, The BIG Mall, and Inno-Tech Show. Additionally, there will 
        be a ‘New Technology Experiencing Zone’ for visitors to experience electric power and energy 
        through VR and AR.

       - New Energy Industry Exhibition: Sharing of trends and discovering new energy prosumer technology
          through the technologies displayed such as ESS, AMI, and Electric Cars.
       - New Climate Exhibition: Displaying new technologies in response to the Paris Agreement, COP 21,
          such as GHGs reduction technologies, and new-renewable energies
       - The BIG Mall: Showcasing excellent products by SMEs, establishing collaborative and mutually
          beneficial BIZ-Model of the new energy industry between KEPCO and SMEs through conducting 
          seminars and export-related counselling.
       - Inno-Tech Show: Proposing new directions for technological advancements through exhibiting
          new technologies of 50 leading local companies of the industry such as Hyosung, Hyundai, LS,
          Iljin Electric Co., Ltd, and 50 leading global companies of the industry such as GE, Doble, 
          Microsoft, and IBM.

  ○ The International Invention Fair is a global invention fair officially recognized by IFIA, helping
      discover new ideas and talents of the global electric power, ICT, and green power sectors.
      Anyone including  local and global research institutions, companies, the general public, and
      University students, can participate in the fair by applying before October 14th.
  ○ BIXPO 2016 will also be simultaneously hosting an International Conference, participated by 
      various Industry-Education-Research institutions and experts to discuss future electric power
      technologies  in the sectors of ICT, Digital Substation, HVDC, and DC generator etc. 
      The CTO forum attended by various global electric power corporations and CTOs across
     30 different countries, will be held  to discover ‘The Future of Electric Power Technology’.
      Tony Seba, professor of Stanford University, and author of ‘Clean Disruption of 
     Energy & Transportation’, will be attending as the special guest lecturer to talk about 
     ‘The Future of Energy Industries’.

□ “BIXPO 2016 will not only serve as a platform to exchange electric power technologies but also serve 
     as a platform for global businesses to establish relationships, and we will do our best to make this 
     exposition to be recognized as one of the top three global energy expositions,” said Hwan-ik Cho,
     CEO of KEPCO.


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