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Bitgaram International Expo of Electric Power Technology

The SMEs Cooperation R&D Contest

QualityR&Ds depend on your vote!

KEPCO hosts ‘The SMEs Cooperation R&D Contest’ to share outstanding R&D performance between KEPCO and SMEs and to reward companies with excellent achievements. The goal of this event is to encourage many companies to cooperate in R&D with KEPCO in the future by providing opportunities to promote their excellent R&D performances.

How to Vote Online

[Evaluation criteria]
1. Evaluation criteria :  Improve performance, Propulsion process, Creativity, Utilization, Economical Efficiency
2. Evaluation method : (Deliberation Committee/70 points) R&Ds-reviewing professionals (Online Voting/30 points) BIXPO Visitors’ voting of entries

[Online Voting]
1. Watch entry videos
2. Click ♡ at the bottom of the video to vote.(~11.8)

※ 1 person can vote 6 times without a maximum of duplication.
※ You must watch a video until the end for your vote to count.

Winners to be announced on Nov. 10

★Lottery event to be held among voters!

What are SMEs Collaborative R&Ds?

Contest of SME Partners’ Outstanding Tasks

Here are the works that KEPCO has reviewed and shortlisted. Your votes will
determine the ranking as the best, 1st place, and 2nd place. Please cast as
many ballots as possible.

※ One Vote A day!
※ Click the videos below to see details of the best entries.