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Bitgaram International Expo of Electric Power Technology

The SMEs Cooperation R&D Contest

QualityR&Ds depend on your vote!

KEPCO hosts ‘The SMEs Cooperation R&D Contest’ to share outstanding R&D performance between KEPCO and SMEs and to reward companies with excellent achievements. The goal of this event is to encourage many companies to cooperate in R&D with KEPCO in the future by providing opportunities to promote their excellent R&D performances.

How to Vote Online

[Evaluation criteria]
1. Evaluation criteria :  Improve performance, Propulsion process, Creativity, Utilization, Economical Efficiency
2. Evaluation method : (Deliberation Committee/70 points) R&Ds-reviewing professionals (Online Voting/30 points) BIXPO Visitors’ voting of entries

[Online Voting]
1. Watch entry videos
2. Click ♡ at the bottom of the video to vote.(~11.8)

※ 1 person can vote 6 times without a maximum of duplication.
※ You must watch a video until the end for your vote to count.

Winners to be announced on Nov. 10

★Lottery event to be held among voters!

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