• Registration
    How can I participate in the Online BIXPO 2020?
    Anyone who visits the official BIXPO 2020 website can participate in the virtual expo.
    If you want to participate in various events, get access to more information and personalized features,
    please register online.
  • Registration
    Is there an entry or registration fee?
    Anyone can enjoy Online BIXPO 2020 free of charge.
  • Date&Time
    Does the virtual expo take place 24 hours non-stop?
    As BIXPO 2020 is held online due to COVID-19, everyone can participate at their preferable time.
  • Exhibition
    Can I get information or brochures of participating companies?
    Company brochures and information packets can be downloaded in each company page.
    ※ Please keep in mind that some companies may not have downloadable brochures or information packets.
  • Exhibition
    How can I send an inquiry to a company of my interest?
    You can write and send your inquiry at the bottom of each company page.
  • Exhibition
    I am having difficulty finding information or companies of my interest.
    Please find the product or company information by searching keywords on the New Technology Exhibition main page.
  • Exhibition
    How can I participate at the Business Meeting?
    Business Meetings are held online among companies that applied for it beforehand.
  • Conference
    Is there an entry fee for conferences?
    All conferences can be accessed online free of charge.
  • Conference
    Can I watch conferences again on the website?
    All conference videos will be availables online on the BIXPO 2020 website.
  • Conference
    I am having trouble watching the videos due to errors.
    Please write your questions in the comments section below the presentation video. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Conference
    I added conferences of my interest to "Favorites". Where can I find them?
    Please login to the website and click on "My Page" to find conference videos added to your "Favorites".
  • Invention Fair
    Can I vote for entries of every category separately?
    Every person can vote for 1 entry in total every day.
  • Competition
    Will the Best Start-up Contest be carried out offline?
    Final winners of the Best Start-up Contest will be announced on November 5, 2020 (Thur) 14:00 (KST) offline at the Bitgaram Creative Economy Innovation Center. (Please ask your questions to the main BIXPO 2020 contact.)
  • Competition
    When and how will the final winners of contests be announced?
    1) The SMEs Cooperation R&D Contest : November 10 (Tue), online announcement
    2) Best Start-up Contest : November 5 (Thur) 14:00, offline at the Bitgaram Creative Economy Innovation Center
    3) The electric power data utilization new service development contest : winners are selected before the event starts, so winners are announced on the website