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BIXPO 2019 provides one of a kind experience for participating entrepreneurs and professionals through networking and sharing strategies and trends on the latest of technological developments in electric power via its various events.

Official Program

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony sets off the next three day's BIXPO exhibition and conference from Wednesday, November 6, to Friday, November 8, The Ceremony includes opening remarks and plenary speeches with chief technology officers of global utilities and industry leaderships.
Welcome Reception
Welcome reception will celebrate the role of BIXPO 2019 as a major networking platform for global electric power community. Meet entrepreneurs, industry leadership and professionals and build lasting partnerships around the world.
Energy Leaders Summit
Participants to the Energy Leaders Summit will be able to share the vision of and insight into the power industry from the top management of the world’s electric power sector and find great opportunities for technological exchange and new business models.
Technical tour
You can directly experience the newest technology applications on the spot by visiting KEPCO’s power facilities.
BIXPO Awards
BIXPO Awards is to support competent individuals and congratulate winners of the invention fair and other competitions.