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The place to meet key technologies and project related to the 4th industrial revolution.

Various high-tech technologies based on renewable energy and IoT of the 4th
     industrial revolution.

The latest technologies around the world in new energy sector
     (i.e., ESS, AMI, and electric vehicle, etc.)

The latest technologies for demand management, Microgird, and renewables

Conference program : Technological development and trend on the next generation
     Smart Grid

 Remarkable technology from overseas research institutes

 New technology from global companies

 Overseas and domestic participants including global companies, general trading
     companies, electric power companies, etc.

 New power technology that could produce smart power energy.

 Cyclone-type desulfurization dust collection technology, geothermal power
     generation using temperature difference

The place to present a ground example and specific direction for Smart Energy

 The place to present examples of technology related to Smart Energy City and
     examples of organizing a Smart Energy City

 An exhibition of domestic and oversea technologies coping with climate change
     such as reducing SF6 and CO2

 An exhibition on the achievements of KEPCO R&D reducing green house gas

 Conference on dealing with the new international agreement on climate change adaptation

 Seminar with domestic and foreign experts on current status and corresponding
     planes on climate change

 An exhibition platform for quality products of SMEs and micro-enterprise and for
     information exchange on the new power electric technologies

 Networking opportunities for SMEs to enhance opportunities of market penetration
     and to activate marketing

 Establishment of Bitgaram Energy Valley through local community collaboration

 An arrangement to organize a place for special exhibition, startup support,
     and make the use of the place on Smart Energy City

 A playground of invention for all generations and genders to experience it firsthand

 Housing considering the outdoor space and harmonic display along with
     international invention fair on the second floor

 A place for a new technology energy playground as well as an exhibition hall
     for inventions