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A Zone: 한국전력
A01 전력연구원
A02 전력연구원
A03 전력연구원
A04 전력연구원
A05 전력연구원
A06 전력연구원
A07 전력연구원
A08 전력연구원
A09 전력연구원
A10 전력연구원
A11 전력연구원
A12 중부건설
A13 인천
A14 인천
A15 제주
A16 강원
A17 강원
A18 부산울산
A19 경남
A20 대구
A21 광주전남
A22 남부건설
A23 설비진단처
A24 경북
A25 대전충남
A26 대전충남
A27 인천
A28 인천
A29 부산울산
A30 남서울
A31 경기
A32 대구
A33 서울
A34 서울
A35 광주전남
A36 설비진단처
A37 경기북부
A38 남부건설
A39 충북
A40 충북
A41 전북
A42 전북
A43 경북
A44 대전충남
A45 제주
A46 강원
A47 부산울산
A48 부산울산
A49 남서울
A50 남서울
A51 남서울
A52 남서울
A53 경기
A54 경기
A55 경기
A56 경기
A57 경남
A58 경남
A59 서울
A60 서울
A61 설비진단처
A62 설비진단처
A63 경기북부
A64 경기북부
A65 경기북부
A66 경기북부
B Zone: 한국전력 그룹사
B01 한국수력원자력
B02 한국남동발전
B03 한국중부발전
B04 한국남부발전
B05 한국동서발전
B06 한국서부발전
B07 한전KDN
B08 한전KPS
B09 한국전력기술
B10 한전원자력연료
C Zone: 일반인
C01 세이프어스드론
C02 개인발명
C03 (주)대영엔지니어링
C04 리셋컴퍼니(주)
C05 (주)스카이텍
C06 (주)아이앤씨테크놀로지
C07 (주)에스제이티
C08 YTech
C09 (주)제이지인더스트리
C10 주식회사 해양에너지
D Zone: 대학생
D01 강원대학교
D02 광운대학교
D03 금오공대
D04 목포대학교
D05 부산대학교
D06 세명대학교
D07 영남대학교
D08 원광대학교
D09 이화여자대학교
D10 전남대학교
D11 청주대학교
D12 충남대학교
D13 한밭대학교
D14 호남대학교
D15 전남대학교
E zone: 해외
E02 Intelligence system to collect oil spills
E03 Wide Range Power Combiner and Distributor
E04 Key techniques of inter-regional electricity power trading embedded with transmission tariff and security constraints
E05 New design of underwater floating roof tank (UWFRT) and oil movement system
E06 Hybrid Transport - Flying and Swimming Car
E07 NeoSmart
E08 Bio-based EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor)
E10 GATRIC (Algae for Electric): Electricity Production from Polluted River Using Microbial Fuel Cell Based Chlorella Vulgaris Algae with Addition of Iot System (Internet Of Things) as an Eco-Friendly Alternative Energy Source Alternatively Heavy Metal Degradation of River Water in Indonesia
E11 Getric (Green Electric): Innovation of Development Solar Cell Based DSSC (Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell) from Centella asiatica Chlorophyll as Renewable Energy
E12 Optimization of the cooling system of heavy magnetic coils
Tower Power Plant with Solar Cells
E13 Mobile water cleaning with sterilization and disinfection germs
E14 Smart Pen Enhancing the skills of manipulating children
E15 Wireless electrocardiogram
E16 Permanent Magnet Generator, Rotor Outside Rotogravure Wind Power Plant
The Cooling Trans with geo cooling
E17 Intelligent Endo Dental Surgical Robot with dental radiography system and webcam and injection of anesthetic plus Dental decay Detection intelligent devices via the piezoelectric system with 100% accuracy without any complications
E18 High efficient WindMax Savonius wind turbine
E19 LED light which can be set for lightening with each one of the lamps
E20 The Green Window
E21 Green Drop
E22 Advanced Hybrid Photovoltaic and Water Heating Module
E23 Two-layer arc magnetic coupling gear for wind power
E24 Power-Mix
E25 Image based ocean surface current Meter
E26 System Wind Control (SWC)
E27 Eco shopping cap
E28 Universal Electric Vehicle Charger
E29 Device for fast battery charging
E30 the electric vehicle
E31 Dust-Out
E32 wireless electrical switches and sockets
E33 Smart sensors network
E34 Rotary Solar System
E35 Reconfigurable Antenna for 3G, 4G, and 5G Mobile Telecommunications Networks and IoT
E36 Innovative automated device for the frosting of fish on costal boats.
E37 Compact Flurscent Lamp failure Indicator
E38 Water pump powered by hydroelectric power
E40 qHAWAX: Static module for real-time air quality monitoring through infrared and electrochemical sensors
E41 AirDisc Air Conditioning Technology
E42 "Research on The use of modulated, low-energy visible light generated by semiconductor LED diodes for non-invasive treatment of diseased human organs"
E44 Highly effective energy-saving crushing and grinding complex for the production of building materials
E45 Advanced high efficiency solar roof tile
E45 Innovative solar roof tile
E46 automatic irrigation plant "carrot"
E47 VisualSpector
E48 FEWS - Forest fire Early Warning System
E49 High and Ultra-High Voltage Circuit Breaking System
E50 system for addressing, saving people and objects in case of fire on electrical sites.
E51 LED Street lamp
E52 Biogas from Water Lily
E53 Shifted Energy Power Controller for Grid-Interactive Water Heaters
E54 Created & Invented in Switzerland